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The following video may be of some interest for any of you looking into racial profiling for your papers. It is relevant to many of your questions about The Wire on the behavior of the cops. It is about a man in Harlem who recorded himself being questioned by the cops during a stop-and-frisk stop.


While your discussion questions for Portfolios 1&2 were focused mainly on the text itself, you may wish to ask different questions as we work towards Portfolio #3. Since I am responding to these questions and see them as a place to generate ideas for your paper, you should use them to ask questions and make connections that you might be interested in for your paper.

For instance, instead of talking about why Hank gets in a bar fight or why he leaves his gun in the car, you might move back a step and ask a question like “How does the way that Hank understands what it means to be a man make it more difficult for him to cope with his mental health issues? What does this say about the way that our society perceives masculinity? Does it seem to be saying that masculinity is constructed in such a way in modern society as to make it harder for Hank to admit he is feeling certain emotions or admitting to his failure?”

Or you could look at the Wire and ask something like “How does the fact that Stringer Bell is going to lunch meetings with senators despite being a big-time drug dealer comment on the state of modern American politics? Are the writers trying to suggest that all politicians might be dirty, that they can be bought for the right price? We might see an example of this with, say, the recent convictions of Jack Abramoff. How might this scandal be reflected in what the Wire is trying to show?”

These are just examples. The idea is that you should be trying to connect your questions about the readings to larger societal issues. Use them as a place to explore these issues.

Black Magic

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Here’s that article I mentioned in class today. It will shine some light on the relationship between the cold opening and what is going on in the actual world.